the Belle of New Orleans (gwynne) wrote,
the Belle of New Orleans

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*sigh* I've pulled myself out of the world of 1899 long enough to post and get some sleep. I miss Joe. And chances are I won't get to see him tomorrow. < sarcasm > Wonderful! < /sarcasm > I'm not in the best mood right now, as if you couldn't already perceive that much. I hate being in this house. And I haven't taken my meds in almost two weeks. But I highly doubt that has anything to do with me simply missing Joe. Of course I did see him on Tuesday, but when you hold that up against the fact that we see each other every day when school is in session... I've got a good reason to be lonely. Besides. I have my period. So anyone who has a problem with my moodiness can shove it up their ass. I miss Joe dammit! I need a fucking hug...
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