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Mmmm... morning.

I refuse to let these immature anonymous commenters (yes it's plural now) get me down. I'm a very happy person and nothing/no one is going to change that. I also refuse to turn off anonymous commenting or go friends-only because people like Neil can only read my journal when it's public. Besides, it's my journal and I shouldn't have to make concessions for individuals with the rationale and emotional stability of four-year-olds. So I encourage those commenting to continue to do so. I will continue to reply in the hopes that you'll eventually realize, nothing you say can ruin my day.

In other news, I went with my mother and bought my prom dress and shoes this morning. Along the way I got two pairs of flip-flops, a very comfy hoodie, a tie to possibly wear with my dress, a delicious raspberry-lemonade icee, and a cute new writing journal. Hoo-rah! Now I'm waiting for my hugglebunny =P to call me and/or get his cute ass online. I wish a pleasant afternoon to you all!
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