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For my brother...

Jake [11:56 PM]: There is only one other person like you in the world Aubrey and that is Aubrey II, the plant clone I made of you
Aubrey [11:57 PM]: *laughs through the tears*
Jake [11:57 PM]: You dont sing like a black man though

Jake and I are officially twins in craziness. He got me to stop crying temporarily, after twenty minutes of straight tears. *sigh* I have a feeling I won't be sleeping much tonight.
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Deleted comment

This one is a bit difficult to explain. Drama is over, and you know how I get really upset and saddened for a few days after that happens? Well it's much worse this time because it's over for the year. And it's even worse because the group of seniors that I've been acting with since my freshman year is graduating. They represent drama club for me and they're truly a part of my family, so I'm taking it pretty hard that they're going off to college and won't be around for drama next year. I know it probably sounds utterly stupid to someone who's not in drama...
Seventh grade. its been since your 7th grade year that we have acted together. Through the years it has been Deserate Ambrose, MacBeth, Much Ado, R&J (where i was your bitch but got to smack you up with an umbrella), Midsummer, and Finally Dark of the Moon. Just continue your jaunts to Book Club and the fun will remain forever, Twin-y!