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Here's the skinny...

I placed in the top ten for the speech finals. I think I placed fifth overall. Mmm... I got a free shirt. Didn't really care about how I did. My dad is more upset about me not winning than I am? Hee hee... I'm pretty sure it's because I didn't look professional, because with my speech I didn't make any mistakes. Whereas the winners had huge pauses, boring topics, and the fourth place chick paused for three minutes because she couldn't remember her speech, yet they all wore suits. I wore my pinstripe pants, my black Docs, my Marilyn Monroe shirt, and a plain black tie. I never think I look good, but damn I'm sexy today. A chick named Kristyn was checking me out? And the extremely flamboyant second place guy with the impeccable fashion sense (I'm oh so proud that someone in our community of sexual humanity [because dammit, sexuality is about loving people] won) complimented me on standing up for my sexuality and my Marilyn shirt =) Overall, it was a kickass competition. And who cares if Reality TV was higher scoring than Love? I made a fucking statement.
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