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Oh yes.

As stated this morning, I haven't posted anything of consequence lately, and since I can't study for my chemistry exam, I might as well type.

Excerpt from my Blue Journal:

In the courtyard for French again. On va dehors! Except this time I'm not sitting at any fascist picnic table. I am one with the land! Basically I'm laying in the grass. All of the trees are beginning to bud and blossom. How lovely to experience this for a second day, more lenient and relenting than the first. P'raps this shall lead to another summer of evenings spent on porches. Writing volumes of starry-eyed poetry. Knowing me I shall fall asleep momentarily. If only this grass weren't so goddamn prickly... The sun envelops my back -- turning me entirely too lethargic...

I did indeed fall asleep in the sun-painted courtyard.

Alright... my boyfriend just smashed a clock. How lovely. I love him with all my heart but I'm beginning to sense some violence issues. Oh... who the hell am I kidding? Was I not the girl-child who suggested smashing cds into my bathtub?

Ahh. I adore Dreamgirls. Note to self: Birdland goes right after Showstopper in the show. I must needs remember to bring that and put it in my folder. Guys are working on Birdland... Yum. Bird would cook, Max would look, where? Down in Birdland. Miles came through, Trane came too, where? Down in Birdland. Basie blew, Blakey too, there, down in Birdland. Cannonball played that hall, there, down in Birdland, yeah!
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