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but I can see that star when she twinkles;; and she twinkles...

This is just a simple post, expressing my sincere gratitude and thanks and so on and so forth (simply because words cannot fit it all) to Sara. Anytime I'm down, she always goes out of her way to e-mail me or post a comment sending love and hugs, and telling me not to be so harsh on myself. Now this isn't at all saying that I don't appreciate my other friends, I'm simply trying to say thank you, Sara, for always having the right words to brighten my day and make me feel that things will indeed turn out right in the end.

in the gloaming
She went roaming
just outside of twilight's sympathy
had a grey steed
with a silver mane
he kept Her company along the moor
outside the Abbey
beyond the mainroad
through the thistles
She goes hunting
down among the starlight
red boots above the dawn
no fantasy
as a caped crusader
this one, She's
the real thing--
a diamond in the rough rough winter
watch Her
roaming on that grey steed
just before purple turns
blind to blue
-- Copyright A. Fisher
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