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When you've got a hundred voices singin', who can hear a lousy whistle blow?

Today was... an empowering day. Josh, John, Jennifer, Melissa, Tracy, P, Sean, Miranda, Julie, Lisa, and Maegan all came over to work on Rebelation coreography and music. After which, Josh, Julie, the Vaccarinos, John, and Miranda all went home.

So what do five women and Sean do? Watch The Vagina Monologues of course! "My vagina is pissed off!!" God... I'd seen parts of it before, but never the whole thing. The rape monologue made me start bawling... all of us except for Sean were. Because we as women understand all too well how that would feel. As it neared the end, the five of us were all curled around each other, protecting each other, feeding off the energy in the air. We understood one another; we were women together. I need to make Joe a pin that says, "I'm your Bob!"

Afterwards, Tracy had to go to work, but Maegan and I made a videostore run, which turned into a crosstown trek to five different video stores until we finally found Newsies.

< empowerment > This movie has built my character since I was a small, impressionable, theatrical seven-year old. Something so powerful as people, joining together for a singular amazing cause, fighting the big-shots, makes my spirit long to fly. This movie, this amazing cinematic work, simple as it may be, has shaped my entire life. Notes so pure, brought to life by immature but entrancing voices... my heart yearns for that kind of power, to make the souls of others take flight. Seeing that film for the second time in three days... my creative side has been unleashed. My soul has been unchained by those simple words: Where does it say you gotta live and die here? Where does it say a guy can't catch a break? Why should you only take what you're given; why should you spend your whole life livin' trapped where there ain't no future, even at seventeen, breakin' your back for someone elses' sake?! Seize the day. < /empowerment >

Many hugs followed, and thus some of my dearest friends departed. So here I sit, listening to my Newsies soundtrack, wondering what my love is up to... wishing I had the means to let my creativity out at this moment. I need to do a musical...
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